You've got everything: A terrific product or service! A state-of-the-art web site! Streaming Video! The Smartest of Phones! So why do you still have your day job at Walmart?

Apparently something is missing. Well, that something is probably humor - and that's nothing to laugh at!

Humor is absolutely crucial. Nothing adds the element of humanity so quickly or makes your audience more receptive than humor - warm, winning, intelligent humor.


Is the targeted use of clever phrases, creative concepts, plus David Samson's razor sharp wit to get your marketing across boldly and memorably.


Creates a powerful bond, breaking down people's natural resistance and skepticism. It repositions whatever you're promoting in a positive, compelling, competitive light.


Gets you noticed fast. It creates buzz! Which inspires folks to share your message with friends, colleagues, even their therapists! Alienated.jpg

The Process of Humorizing is NOT Daunting!

David Samson customizes content to your needs, so the humor never sounds forced or artificial.

The transformation is out-of-this-world!

Suddenly your audience is motivated to take immediate action. Your content is BOTH informative and entertaining. There's no doubt about it. You're quickly standing shoulders above your humor-challenged competition!

Ready to stop kidding around?

Then contact David Samson today!

He's got the style to make you smile!

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