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You've got everything: A terrific product or service! A state-of-the-art web site! Streaming Video! The Smartest of Phones! So why do you still have your day job at Walmart?

Apparently something is missing. Well, that something is probably humor - and that's nothing to laugh at!

Humor is absolutely crucial. Nothing adds the element of humanity so quickly or makes your audience more receptive than humor - warm, winning, intelligent humor.



Is the targeted use of clever phrases, creative concepts, plus David Samson's razor sharp wit to get your marketing across boldly and memorably.


Creates a powerful bond, breaking down people's natural resistance and skepticism. It repositions whatever you're promoting in a positive, compelling, competitive light.


Gets you noticed fast. It creates buzz! Which inspires folks to share your message with friends, colleagues, even their therapists! Alienated.jpg CONTENT WITH YOUR C

The Process of Humorizing is NOT Daunting!

David Samson customizes content to your needs, so the humor never sounds forced or artificial.

The transformation is out-of-this-world!

Suddenly your audience is motivated to take immediate action. Your content is BOTH informative and entertaining. There's no doubt about it. You're quickly standing shoulders above your humor-challenged competition!

Ready to stop kidding around?

Then contact David Samson today!

He's got the style to make you smile!

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