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David Samson is a Celebrated Humorist – NOT a Comedian!

What’s the difference? Plenty!

In comedy, laughter is the point.

In humor, laughter reinforces the point – the point YOU want to make!

That’s why you shouldn’t consult with anyone who claims to be JUST a comedian.

Because he or she will certainly get laughs – but probably at YOUR expense…

And that’s NO joke!

David's Work Has Been Featured

Plus He Has Been Interviewed

In Major Media Including:

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David's Creative Advertising Expertise Has Been For

Leading Companies Such As:

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David's Has Authored

Popular Books For

Top N.Y.C Publishers:


NOW Is The Time To Stop Kidding Around!

Take your products or projects

to the next level of powerful branding

and responsive recognition.

Consult with an acclaimed Humor Expert

who completely gets the strategic challenges of

today's fast-moving marketplace. 

That's right!

Contact The Internet's #1 FunnyGuy...

And Start Laughing All The Way To The Bank!

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