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Hey! Are You A Mono-Sexual?

Masturbation is more than a state-of-mind. It's a total way of living! In fact, given divorce, disease, and the idiocy of internet dating, you'd have to be a moron NOT to masturbate!

Yes, it's a touchy subject. But David Samson removes the guilt and reveals the benefits of the Mono-Sexual lifestyle. Single-handedly, he exposes the financial, physical, and even spiritual advantages of being your own best lover.

Contrary to popular belief, Mono-Sexuals are not pathetic dorks, but highly attractive and and intelligent individuals. The truth is they could have anyone they want -- which is why the only person good enough for them is themselves!

Funny Guy is here to finally show you how to take your love life into your own hands. Listen as he delves into:


  • Why Two People are One Person Too Many

  • The Seven Steps to a Successful Self-Seduction

  • Shooting For Your Strategic Target

  • Time Management for Mono-Sexuals

  • Self-Performance Anxiety ("Was it good for me too?")

(Typical Duo-Sexual Relationship)

Mixing Viagra and Minoxidil?

David Samson believes in different strokes for different folks. That's why he treats this important subject with the respect it deserves. So you'll never encounter any offensive

  • Preparing for a Meaningful Self-Involvement

  • Avoiding Stains on Your Reputation

  • Getting All Pumped Up -- The Mono-Sexual Workout

  • Staying True to Yourself ("Will I still love me tomorrow?)

  • Plus The Question of Mono-Sexual Marriage

Other experts talk about loving yourself, but only David Samson shows you how to REALLY love yourself. And not only in your own bed, but around the house and around the world. So wherever you go, you'll always have a grip on the situation.

There's no doubt about it. This inspiring work will definitely keep you up all night. And should you ever be approached by individuals seeking sexual contact, make sure to leave them with these three little words of advice: Just Beat It!

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