"David Samson makes my blood
run cold. I love it!"

Here's What Humans (And Other Life Forms) Are Saying About David Samson...

As a Speaker:

"After your talk, we all felt inspired, empowered, and twice as motivated. What went wrong?"
-- John L. Jordan, President, Jordan Enterprises.

"If laughter is the best medicine, then you're a whole pharmacy!"
-- Philip Reinstein, Manager, Capital Dynamics Corporation.

"Dave has found the humor in life and shares it with everyone he can. His comedic approach to some of life's more desperate situations make this world a better place to be. I'm glad I have him to help me look at the world with a lighter heart."
-- Mike Rounds, CSP, former President, Los Angeles Chapter, National Speakers Association.

"Thanks for your delightful and witty presentation. You were an important part of the conference -- and the healing!"
-- Suzanne Lopez, Director, The Institute for Unlimited Human Potential.

"Movie people can be a tough audience -- but you proved you were even tougher! And far more hilarious!"
-- Andrea Miller, Vice-President of Marketing, American Film Partners.

"You are every bit as terrific as a speaker as you are a screenwriter. The images you weaved were funny and moving. It's not fair. Writers aren't supposed to be that charismatic!
-- Alex Barder, Director of Development, Lobell Productions, Universal Studios.

"Through the years I have known many funny writers. Yet I can't think of any who verbalize their wit, or who have such an electric effect on their audience."
-- Jay Levin, owner and publisher, L.A. Weekly.

"I am a founding member of the Firesign Theatre. I have been nominated for three Grammy awards. I am really, really funny -- oh yes, and so are you!"
-- Peter Bergman.

"I didn't hire Funny Guy!"

"David Samson made me
what I am today!"

As Author and Book Consultant:

"David's books are funny, informative, and great fun for anyone who likes to laugh. What's more, he can help others transform their ideas into expert concepts with much greater appeal to agents and editors alike. And that's no joke!"
-- Larry Wilde, ("America's Best-Selling Humorist" according to the New York Times).

"David Samson is a true original with a KILLER wit. Sexy, too!"
-- Jackie Austin, Pulitzer Prize Nominee.

"Even though I've written twelve books, David is still one of the first people I talk to when I must have professional, useful insights. He makes everything clearer, brighter, and sharper, particularly in the humor department!"
-- Paulette Cooper, best-selling author.

"Literary agents like myself dream of working with people as gifted as David. I would highly recommend his talents to anyone who wants to get started or further in this business."
-- Barbara Lowenstein, The Lowenstein Agency, New York.

"One of the funniest, most versatile writers around. David Samson has a knack for taking tough material and making it workable."
-- Michaela Hamilton, Executive Editor, Penguin Books.

"The experience of working with David Samson should not be missed, because it definitely is an experience working with him!"
-- Denice Sylvestro, Senior Editor, Simon & Schuster.

"David wrote the funniest book I ever read. By no small coincidence, I also sold it."
-- Frank Weimann, President, The Literary Group.

"David Samson's guidance and advice during my proposal writing phase catapulted me to the land of successful writers. Through his help, I was able to write a proposal that commanded the attention of many agents. His charm, wit and inspiration enabled me to develop and express my own personal writing style. Thanks David, I couldn't have done it without you."
-- Dr. Debra Mandel, author of Healing The Sensitive Heart, Adams Publishing

"Your input and your expertise really helped accelerate the process of my book being published."
-- Dr. Suzanne Lopez, author, The Smart Heart, Putnam Books.

"David is a great resource of free flowing, insightful and tremendously pertinent ideas, who has been of great value to me in the publication of my book. I enthusiastically and wholeheartedly recommend him to any aspiring or already published author."
-- Jacob Blass, President/CEO, Hospice of

"This is crap! Get Funny Guy!!"

"There's nothing fishy about David Samson!"

As an Advertising Whiz:

"David is a very funny, very instinctive ad guy, and he always has a different slant on solving any client's problem. The key is that he understands the crucial link between humor and information, so that the message always remains fresh and memorable."
-- Stan Becker, Chief Creative Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angeles, Toronto, New York.

"I've worked with David for decades. Despite this, I still respect and admire him. His advertising talents are monumental. His creative instincts are right on. And now he owes me $5.00 for this endorsement!"
-- Steve Klaussner, Creative Director, Foote-Colm-Belding, NYC.

"Although David brings an extraordinary amount of wit to the table, he never lets his humor overshadow the crucial strategic message."
-- Gene Taylor, Executive Creative Director, Campbell-Ewald, NYC.

"David Samson is just about the funniest guy I've ever worked with. But the great response he gets from clients is certainly no joke!
-- Erica Ress, Creative Director, Lintas

"David has the most creative mind of anyone I've ever met. His uncanny ability to introduce complex subjects in simplified and imaginative ways in the advertising sphere is extraordinary. What's more, his understanding of the marketplace for his clients is exceeded only by his professionalism and artistic skills."
-- Chuck Mellon, investment speaker and consultant, Tony Robbins Wealth Mastery Seminars.

"Finding the humor in business gets people to stop, pay attention, stop worrying and take action. David has figured out how to touch this hot button and get the action started."
-- Nancy Miller, CSP, President of the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the National Speakers Association.

"David is consistently clever, upbeat, and knows how to create campaigns that get the results we want."
-- Dane Blair, Creative Director, Killer Music, Los Angeles.

"When I was the Creative Director of the "Advertising Creative Black Book", I referred dozens of photographers, illustrators, commercial directors and production houses to David. Without exception, they all praised his promotional talents, and that in turn made us look real good."
-- Ian Summers, President, The Summers

"I see Funny Guy in your future!"