I think with all of Clinton's sex scandals, they should just call it The Bush Administration! Hey pal, when I say "That's my Bud" I ain't talking about Buddha! Everybody talks about helping the homeless. Big deal. How about we start helping the VACATION Homeless!

David Samson is Bill O'Really. He's got the scoop on everything and everyone! Even the major new parties which which soon be making their appearance on the political scene including:

  • The Plastic Surgery Party ("Let's cut the fat and reshape the body politic!")

  • The Martin Luther King & Pee Wee Herman Party ("I have a wet dream!")

  • The Viagra Patriots Party ("Rise up, America, and screw the world!")

  • The Illegal Aliens Party ("Green Cards For Green People!")

  • The Ku Klux Klan Singles Party ("We only serve White Wine!")

Harry Potted

Bill O 'Really is always right -- far right! He sounds off about Al Qaeda, Al Gore, and even Al Franken. He proves why there's no difference between the ACLU and UCLA. On giving everyone Health Insurance - the hell with that!? What about Wealth Insurance!?"

O 'Really tackles the major social issues. He favors Gay Marriage but he's against Gay Divorce. That'll teach 'em a lesson! He claims sushi is more of a threat to western civilization than Tsunamis. Plus what does he call any liberal who wants to legalize marijuana? Harry Potted!

O'Really further predicts...

  • Dyslexic terrorists will strike on 11/9

  • Liberals will push a new program to recycle trailer trash!

  • Women will gain the right to Retroactive Birth Control - until the fetus is forty!

  • American farm workers will continue NOT being smuggled into Mexico!

  • Plus Al Gore will be diagnosed with multiple "lack" of personalities!


Will Dyslexic terrorists strike on 11/9?

Hit The Road, Jacques!

There's no doubt about it. When it comes to liberal doses of conservative humor, no issue is taboo for his hilarious views! O'Really loves America but everyone else leaves a stench, ESPECIALLY the French!

So don't sit on the political fence! David Samson as Bill O'Really is the speaker guaranteed to bring the house down -- plus the Senate! That's right! With this program your audience's only regret will be that he's not giving a filibuster!