Men Who Hate Themselves - And The Women Who Agree With Them

Men Who Hate Themselves
-And The Women Who Agree With Them

By David Samson

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Thanks to The Feminist Movement, more and more men are realizing how much they hate themselves. In fact, David Samson predicts by the year 2009 every man in the country will hate himself, with the exception of Donald Trump. He also discusses:

  • Men with Multiple Lack of Personalities

  • Girls Gone Wild vs. Girls Gone Mild!

  • The unconscious messages men get from their mothers (on their answering machines).

  • Men who suffer from PMS (Pre-Marital Syndrome)

  • Plus Buy-Sexuality and Multiple Storegasms

David Samson discloses all the signs that identify men who hate themselves. He serves up specific descriptions of these poor saps -- height, weight, and if they have any, depth.

Funny Guy also highlights the women in their lives. Who these women are, where they came from, and how we can get them to go back. Plus he offers facts, figures and thoroughly fabricated case studies. Delving into...

Multiple Storegasms

Victorio's Secret


  • How to make love to a Feminist Fatale

  • Open Marriages (how late should they stay open?)

  • Should women split the check - with an ax!

  • Getting a (signed) sexual release from your partner

  • Plus do men named Victorio have a Secret?

One last thing. By now some of you may assume that David Samson has a problem with women. Well, nothing could be further from the truth.

He is actually quite happily married with a lovely wife and child in Connecticut, a lovely wife and child in North Carolina, and a lovely wife and child in Tibet!

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