Why Bother? The Anti-Motivation Handbook

Here Comes America's Greatest Anti-Motivational Speaker!

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Before and After Funnyguy

What do Donald Trump and Martha Stewart have in common? They don't follow the advice of David Samson -- the nation's leading expert in Poor Performance. But that doesn't mean you can't achieve the inertia and professional stagnation YOU deserve!

American Idle. The name says it all! Funny Guy takes every motivational cliche and turns them inside out. Yet the result is definitely upbeat, the perfect panacea for today's overly stressed business climate. Master...

  • The Seven Habits of Highly Defective People
  • Why It's Never Too Late to Procrastinate
  • Creating A Mission (Impossible) Statement
  • Starting a Misfortune 500 Company
  • Raising Your I.Q. (Indifference Quotient)
  • Becoming Absolutely, Positively List-Less

Be The Least That You Can Be!

Shafted by Paradigm Shifts?

If you only take one seminar to become more successful, this is NOT it! Funny Guy takes hilarious aim at Teamwork, Time Management, Setting Priorities, Strategic Goals, Paradigm Shifts, plus Being The Best You Can Be (What baloney!)

David Samson has never climbed Everest, made billions on the internet, nor had a business deal which lasted past lunch. No wonder he feels that if you're goal-oriented, become a hockey player!

Are you an aggressive self-starter with an abundance of self-esteem? Get over it! Is your home filled with motivational tapes? Get rid of them! Do affirmations and visualizations help you achieve Super Charged Results? Get Real!

But if you're ready to embrace your Inner Sloth, take 12 Steps backwards, and trade the Work Ethic for the Shirk Ethic, then becoming an American Idle is the perfect program for you!

Why Bother?