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David Samson's irreverent wit will delight your audience. He's an expert on skewering the worlds of relationships, psychology, politics, aging, spirituality, motivation, sex, money and even trivia. Here is his current list of topics - or just call whenever you need eye-catching commentary!


Have The Best Time Of Your Afterlife!

Everyone in your audience has been pre-approved for membership in Club Dead, an out-of-this-world resort with an infinite amount of amazing activities. It’s a whole new life – or should we say – LIFELESS style! Let’s face it. As a newly arrived angel, you don’t want to just wing it. So don’t make any grave mistakes! David Samson will be your audience’s guide while they’re still alive. He’s absolutely the right interview for those who haven’t left…YET!

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Drive Those Nasty Bill Collectors Totally Psycho!

Scared to answer the phone? Worry no more! For thanks to David Samson, your audience can now turn tables on obnoxious creditors. Plus have a great time doing it! He reveals The CIA Paranoia Ploy, The Dead Dog Scheme, The Multiple Personality Maneuver, and many more evasive tactics. So never hang-up on bill collectors again - just learn how to learn give them all the hang-ups!

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Welcome to The Woodstock

Are you reading Chicken Soup for the Departed Soul? Is Weed Killer now more important than Killer Weed? Has LSD come to mean Low Sodium Diet? Have you joined a 12 Step Program just to get up twelve steps? Are the Grateful Dead friends of yours who've visited Dr. Kevorkian? Then congratulations! David Samson is the right guest for you!

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Had Your Fill of Dr. Phil?

Depression is much more than a state-of-mind. It's a total way of living! The best way to cope with all of today's incredible stress. Learn the secrets of financial insecurity. Project negative charisma. Overcome the effects of a healthy childhood! As David Samson will gladly reveal to your audience: "The best years of your life are still behind you!"

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Unfair and Unbalanced!

David Samson as Bill O'Really is always right -- far right! But he loves to spread liberal doses of humor around. His rants include Al Gore or Al Qaeda - which is worse? The rights of the unborn to bear arms. Operators in India vs. Operators in Indiana. So listen up pinhead! From flag burning to family values, Hillary Clinton to Hurricane Katrina, Bill O'Really is the right interview for you.
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Finally Avoid Cosmic Hang-Ups!

How many people feel disconnected from God? Suspect their calls never even go through? Well, they don't have to worry any longer! David Samson reveals how to access God's private line. How to cut through the Cosmic Clutter and top HIS "Must Get Back To Immediately" list. In this fun-filled yet highly insightful interview, discover proven ways to get the divine answers we've all been praying for!
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Is Love Erotic or Neurotic?

David Samson takes the world of relationships and turns it upside down. He reveals the truth about Living, Loving, and Loathing! Why men suffer from PMS (Pre-Marital Syndrome). What "The Male Lie-Bido" has to say. Plus advice from Dr. Baby Ruth; Buy-Sexuality in Women; Impersonal Ads, and how men behaved in 5000 B.C. (Before Clinton!).
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If You Feature Only One Book on Being Successful, This is NOT It!

Feeling the pressure to constantly achieve? Then make productivity a thing of the past! For David Samson is "The Master of Poor Performance". Bill Gates and Colin Powell haven't consulted with him -- but you should! Finally attain the stagnation you deserve! And remember those two little words that will forever set you free: WHY BOTHER?
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Are You a Mono-Sexual?

Tired of getting involved with the wrong people? Then try getting involved with yourself! For David Samson will reveal why two people are one person too many. How to be your own best lover. Avoiding stains on your reputation. What to do when things get out of hand. The touchy issue of Mono-Sexual marriage. Plus should you ask yourself in the morning, "Was it good for me too?"
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Interview America's Most "Useless" Expert

Our brains are being choked to death by "Useful" knowledge. No wonder so many people suffer from migraines. But armed with hundreds of fascinating but totally worthless facts, David Samson has the best way to cure these headaches. True, your trivial self will be worthless to society, but you'll certainly get invited to a lot more parties!

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Tell in Five Minutes What a Man Will Be Like in Five Years!

Using the same methods as FBI profilers, David Samson shows how to separate the cream from the creeps! He exposes men's secret signals about romance using LOVE CODES! This interview is spiced with intimate details. Know what kind of lover he is -- before going to bed. Finally a women can get the love she desires -- the love she deserves!

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