The Joy of Depression

The Joy of Depression
By David Samson

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Depression is much more than a state-of-mind. It's a total way of living!

"Why fight it?" That's what millions of Americans are saying. Those in the doldrums, those in despair, those in Cincinnatti, those sick and tired of trying to find a so-called "meaningful existence."

But thanks to Funny Guy, many formerly well-adjusted folks have found that depression is the perfect way of coping with the stress of modern life -- and it's so easy to get into!

During his hilarious performance, members of the audience will....

  • Learn How to Become "Sensuous Catatonics"

  • Taste the "Low Sugar/High Valium Diet"

  • Determine Their A.Q. (Apathy Quotient)

  • Get a Divorce for Less Than $100 (From Reality!)

  • Find Out Their True "Horror Scope"

  • Discover the Secrets of Downward Mobility!

Feeling Insecure?

As a noted M.D. (Manic - Depressive), David Samson says wake up each morning, see that sunlight streaming through the window, and then go back to sleep. Plus he tackles...

  • How To Select a Psycho Therapist!

  • Darkness, Dinginess, And Other Decorating Tips

  • Chain-Smoking, Obesity, And The Good Life

  • Losing Money During The Coming Good Years

  • Why We Are All God's Children -- From A Previous Marriage!


Instead of building yourself up, knock yourself down. Ask yourself, "What did I do wrong today? How did I screw up?" The results will be fantastic! In almost no time, you'll be spending all your lonely nights late at the diner -- talking to your bottle of ketchup

That's right. Life can be so rewarding and full of delight -- except for you! So come take David Samson's hysterical seminar. We absolutely guarantee you'll never leave your room again! Or double your Prozac back!!

Prozac Letting You Down?