Is He For Real?
By David Samson
and Elayne J. Kahn, Ph.D.

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Is He Mr. Right?
By David Samson
and Elayne J. Kahn, Ph.D.

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The Performance No Woman Should Miss
And Only The Bravest Men Should Attend!)

Using the same methods as FBI profilers, David Samson offers this powerful and amusing seminar -- spiced with intimate details -- candidly exposing men's secret signals about love and romance.

So now any woman can finally have the upper hand in deciding who's Mr. Right -- and definitely who's Mr. Wrong! This program reveals:

  • How to separate the cream from the creeps!

  • Knowing what kind of lover he is -- before sex!

  • Whether he's marriage material -- or divorced from reality!

  • The foolproof test to make sure he's telling the truth!

  • How to absolutely know whether he'll be faithful!

  • Plus finding out in five minutes what he'll be like in five years!

What can you find out about a man's personality by opening his refrigerator? What can the books on his shelves tell you about his ability to commit? What does his driving reveal about his attitudes towards sex? Secret signals are everywhere, clues that show how a man really feels about women, love, relationships, and marriage.

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B.S. I Love You
David Samson's highly entertaining program discloses how to spot a man who is ready for a meaningful relationship -- even before he realizes it himself! How he sits and stands, acts at a party, wears his clothes, even tips at a restaurant all reveal whether or not he's a good emotional risk.
It's true. Now women can actually the power to see through any man in just a few minutes. No more waiting months, even years, to find what really makes him tick. Thanks to this leading expert, any woman can learn how to have the love she truly desires -- and truly deserves!

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