Why Let Them Abuse You? Make them AMUSE You!

The phone rings. It rings again and AGAIN! The knot in your stomach tightens. You've heard that voice not once, not twice. But dozens of times. It says there's a decision about to be made about YOU! A decision that will --

Ha-ha-ha! says David Samson. Your phone is the MOST powerful weapon for dealing with blood-sucking creditors. And with his special sound effects approach, your phone makes you INVINCIBLE when dealing with scummy banks or collection agencies!

On the phone pretend to be anything you want. You're under NO OBLIGATION to be honest with these bottom feeders! That's right. On the phone you can be a total PHONEY!

Here's how this system works. First put your CD player near the phone. Then when you hear their obnoxious voices, play the special sound effects CD (included with book or on CD version of book). With a little play-acting you'll make them NUTS!

Are Bill Collectors Making
You Paranoid?

Do They Make You
Want To Hang-Up?

Imagine a creditor calls and suddenly hears a UFO abducting you, a police car chasing you, or a wolf pack devouring you. Even make them think you're at an orgy or screaming at your eleven children from Bangla Desh!

You'll have dozens of sound effects. From the plausible to the absurd, you'll stop creditors in their tracks as they wonder what the hell is going on. It's way better than therapy. Every time they call you'll have a ball!

Invite friends over as you put creditors on the speaker phone and pretend to be attacked by Zombies, aboard your yacht, or hooked up to a respirator. But make sure everyone stays quiet -- you don't want to give the joke away!

Driving creditors crazy is the SANEST way to handle all those calls. Thanks to David Samson, gone are the days when bill collectors abused you. From this day forward they'll only do one thing -- amuse you!

Then It's Time To Give Them